Every service offered by Land  Agents Services is anchored by  an experienced, knowledgeable team that takes pride not only in their work but in the quality, accuracy, and expediency with which they perform it. Our ability to perform these tasks better and more efficiently than our competition combined with the streamlined and  optimized organizational  structure of LAS enable us to complete  projects on time and often under budget.

Greenfield  Project Locator 

In the  mid-1800s, mineral prospectors flooded the west seeking  fortune and prestige, randomly staking claims that they hoped would pay off. Today, wind energy companies are racing to find the best available wind resources and claim their share of the wind energy market. Using  the latest technology and available data, Land Agent Services help our clients  precisely target areas with the highest project potential and suitability, analyzing  the critical elements of a project location: 

  • wind speeds 
  • transmission and substation location and sizes
  • terrain from topographic maps
  • airport locations 
  • DOD screenings for land potentially affected by Long Range Radar or by Military Operations.

LAS has already identified nearly 80 potential Greenfield  project sites in over a dozen states and is ready to help our clients  develop those sites, using your requirements and  specifications. Our  extensive research has indicated that these sites comprise  the core of  any Midwest Greenfield project development that will be identified in the next three years. Once a location has been identified and selected,  we conduct a comprehensive scoping of the area, gathering all essential  data, including transmission line capacities, while laying the  groundwork for a successful land acquisition effort. Our Project  Development service gives our clients a  competitive advantage by  aggregating our highly efficient and effective  services into one comprehensive package, lowering your project development costs while increasing position. 


In the Scoping  stage of a project, LAS gets the lay of the land,  both literally and  figuratively. With minimal cost, we determine  project boundaries while gauging  local interest and getting a feel for  the competition, should any exist. In a  few shorts weeks we create a  comprehensive information network that lays the  ground work for a  successful acquisition, including identifying and cataloging  landowners  within the project area and using modern digital mapping systems to   define project parameters. When competition arises, we perform a broad  analysis  of the competition: who they are, where their project  boundaries lie and what,  if any land they have acquired, and what terms  they are offering.

Once Scoping has concluded, we present our findings to our  clients,  affording them the opportunity to make an informed decision  about when or if to  pursue a proposed project. Once the decision has  been reached to advance, we  meet with our clients to customize a unique  strategy designed to propel the  project toward a swift and successful  conclusion.

Site Feasibility Study

Using a variety of resources, including wind, solar, topographic  and transmission maps, we can assist our clients in pinpointing prime  locations for wind and solar farm developments anywhere in the country.  Additionally we will take advantage of our standard Scoping process to  evaluate potential project sites on the ground and work with our clients  to determine preliminary and final development footprints.

Site Feasibility Study - Joint Venture Development

We can also help our clients explore  possible joint venture  projects by determining the viability and feasibility of  a project with a comprehensive evaluation of a project’s efficacy, both from a site-control as well as a financial perspective, ensuring that a  proposed joint venture meets our client’s requirements and that the terms and conditions are  the most beneficial to our clients. 

Deed Pulling

Dedicated solely  to real estate deed procurement, our professional Deed Puller over 40 years of experience in the real estate  title industry. Our  expeditious Deed Pullers gather essential real  estate documents with an  efficiency and attention to detail that  minimizes delays in subsequent stages  of development and maximizes the advantage over any potential rival. The documentation culled by the  Deed Pullers is then digitally integrated into the Information Network, allowing our Document Preparation staff to review and  efficiently produce ready-to-sign contracts.

Document Preparation

Our highly skilled team of Document Preparers compresses the  sales cycle by quickly and precisely producing your provided contracts with the information retrieved by the Scoping team and Deed Pullers, enabling our Land Agents out in the field to rapidly secure  project  territory, cutting your costs and increasing your position.  While continually consulting with your legal department to maintain consistency and required legal standards set by you, our Document Preparation staff reviews vested deeds and landowner information to ensure accuracy. Our systematic streamlined process—from Scoping to Deed Pulling and digital integration—has enabled our Document Preparation staff to achieve an unprecedented three to five day turn-around time for individual contracts when requested by a Land agent, ensuring prompt completion of the project.


Working closely with our Land Agents, our mapping department  provides each client with a  graphical representation of every project  during each stage of development  using Delorme Xmap 6.0 with GIS editor  capabilities. Our e-maps can compliment  or supplant your own mapping  department. As an added bonus, we update maps weekly to illustrate the  progress our team is making with a user-friendly color coding system,  showing which landowners our Land Agents have met with, which   landowners have signed with us, which landowners are not participating  in the  project, and which have signed with the competition. As a project progresses, we work with our clients to make necessary adjustments to the project boundaries as well as any adjustments to the overarching strategy vis-à-vis the competition or any complications.

Contract Review

Whether it is an option agreement, lease  agreement or a  combination of the two, Land Agent Services can provide our  clients  with the input to produce the best possible contract terms to compete in a given region or market. By evaluating contracts to ensure that they are  market ready and as landowner friendly as possible, our in-depth  analysis helps  our clients produce agreements that are tailored to each individual market or  region, giving our clients a competitive  advantage over the competition. We can  also assist our clients to standardize the formatting of contracts so that they  may be more  readily archived and recordable, saving our clients time and money  in  the process.

Information Network

Utilizing a  proprietary architecture, our IT specialists build a  unique Information Network  that integrates the data compiled from  scoping, mapping, and deed pulling into  a comprehensive organizational  infrastructure which integrates all landowner  information and land  agent activity. With numerous reporting capabilities, our  Information  Network not only allows us to easily track the status and history of each individual landowner within a project, but also consolidates all  activity on a project into a readily accessible framework, enabling us  to deliver a precise weekly and cumulative updates on each project. Our Information Network is optimized to allow our Land Agents and Document   Preparation staff to efficiently coordinate with one another, further  reducing costs and project duration.       

Land Agents

In our first two years of operation, 2007 and 2008, our experienced and proven team of Land Agents acquired over 1.6 million acres for wind energy developments and our impact has grown exponentially since the early days. Providing a constant presence on the ground for your company, our readily adaptable Land Agents bring a wealth of business  and real world experience that enables them to efficiently and affordably bring a project together. With an organizational structure that can rapidly scale-up to accommodate projects of any dimension, Land Agent Services  has developed proven strategies to  acquire land quickly and efficiently by addressing common challenges such as  landowner push-back, landowners who attempt to collectively bargain as a group,  attorneys, state and local officials, tenant farmers/ranchers, and out of state  landowners. As part of our overarching strategy, our Land Agents are accustomed  to long stints in the field, providing the dedication necessary to implement our proven strategies and complete  projects on time and, in many cases, under  budget.

Our land acquisition services do not end once our Land Agents  leave  a project location. We provide continual service by answering landowner  questions and concerns after we have wrapped up a project, forwarding to our  clients any questions or issues that we cannot readily resolve. We pride ourselves on treating landowners with the utmost respect and dignity. By making landowners feel comfortable that they are doing business with ethical and reliable people and by making  them feel they are valued partners in the development of clean renewable energy, we earn their respect and enhance the image and status of our clients.

Our rate structure is highly competitive and affordable for any budget and any project, whether it is a wind or solar farm, ROW transmission lines, Met Towers, and Pre-Construction, or all of the above.


Offering a seamless transition to and through  the construction  process, our experienced land agents can assist client companies with the permitting process, curative title work, handling final landowner  approvals of siting plans, adding or adjusting easements, coordinating  construction schedules with landowners and addressing landowner  requests and concerns prior  to and throughout construction.  As   mentioned above we have experience in transmission line right of way and met tower agreements to complete a project.