Land Agent Services,LLC offers renewable energy developers a wide range of services:

Services include:

  • Land Acquisition for wind and solar farm development
  • Deed Pulling
  • Document Preparation
  • Title Curative Work 
  • Custom Construction of Project databases
  • User-friendly coded Mapping system with GIS capabilities
  • Transmission line ROW, and Met Tower placement
  • Greenfield Project Locator
  • Pre-project Scoping
  • Pre-Construction services  


In the increasingly competitive wind and solar energy business the need for rapid and aggressive expansion is becoming paramount to present and future financial growth. With a committed team of land acquisition experts and 11 years in renewables under our belt, Land Agent Services delivers results for your wind and solar energy projects regardless of scope or complexity. Working throughout North America, unrivaled agents utilize a proven methodology to complete assignments on time and in many cases, under budget. Comprehensive in its approach, expedient and cost effective in bringing site control and ethical in all phases of land acquisition, Land Agent Services,LLC works to meet your wind and solar energy development needs. As the demand for clean energy increases, Land Agent Services,LLC is at the forefront of the green revolution. Founded  upon hard work, honesty, and drive, we are committed to doing our part to bring clean renewable energy to the world today.


Watch our testimonial video with an intro by our Co-Founder, Charly Egner (1949-2017). In our work, we honor his legacy of professionalism and courtesy.